Tengwar Feanora KTT : KDE Tengwar Tool is a program for KDE 3.0+ environment on Linux system, that lets you transcribe text written in Roman letters into (and from!) the Tengwar (the Elvish letters). Transcription is done according to rules of writing in chosen language (or mode). KTT is powered by Narmacil transcription engine, and thus uses quick and verified algorithms. Read more in about section...



2003-02-22 — new version 1.1.1
2003-02-15 — new version 1.1.0
— the first revision of KTT Handbook available online
2003-02-06 — new domain name -> www.tengwar.art.pl/ktt/
2003-01-27 — English version of the site
2003-01-20 — start, Polish version only